How to choose pulsed light and laser home hair removal device

The mainstream home laser hair removal devices on the market today are pulsed light/color light, rather than the laser hair removal device in the traditional sense. The principle is similar.

Pulsed light

Intense pulsed light (IPL), also known as a color/photon, produces strong composite light with a wavelength range of 510 nm to 1200 nm, not a fixed wavelength.

The energy in the illuminating process is gradually reduced and scattered, so the contact head is relatively large.

It can also rejuvenate while removing body hair. The effect of skin rejuvenation personally thinks that the steamed bread is larger than the actual effect.

● Advantages: a large range of light, convenient; relatively cheap

● Disadvantages: low power, not suitable for super-rich hair; not suitable for dark skin

More well-known such as the Philips hair removal device.


Laser, the output wavelength is a fixed wavelength of 810nm, the energy in the process of illuminating is constant, relatively concentrated, non-scattering, the area of ​​each hair removal is small, the contact head is relatively small as a machine gun.

Since high energy can be collected, the number of hair removal is relatively small, and the applicable skin color range is also large.

More well-known such as Tria hair removal instrument.

● Advantages: high energy, better hair removal effect; the wide range of skin color

● Disadvantages: small range of illumination, long operation; expensive

How to choose a pulsed light and laser home hair removal device?

According to the advantages and disadvantages, everyone chooses according to their needs. I chose the pulsed light hair removal device. As a hair that has been very strong in women, it has also achieved good results after a period of time to meet the demand.

If the body hair is very very strong, it is recommended to go to the hospital to do laser hair removal with a large IPL machine!

Can a home laser be permanently removed?

The energy of the home hair removal device is too small, it is difficult to permanently remove the hair, and only the hair growth rate is slower.

Even the official propaganda of the product said that it played the role of “sleeping” the hair follicle.

There are so many brands of household hair removal instruments on the market. There are N models for each brand. For example, Philips has models from one thousand to several thousand. The parameters are different. You can’t just say the brand.

How to choose the right hair removal device?

● Determine the type: pulse light IPL or laser Laser

First, confirm that you want to buy a pulsed light or laser hair removal instrument, please refer to the comparison I wrote above.

If you buy a laser hair removal device, it is basically in the two brands of Tria and silkpro. If you choose pulsed light, the range is wider.

● Wavelength

The laser hair removal device is fixed at a single wavelength of 810 nm, and it is not necessary to select the laser.

The pulsed light epilator emits the composite light of multiple wavelengths. Short-wavelength pulsed light is dangerous to the safety of the eye. The wavelength of 470-530 nm is transmitted to the back of the eyeball and absorbed by the retinal pigment, which causes the temperature in the retina to rise, which may cause permanent eye damage.

From eye safety, IPL should also be selected >550nm.

Personally recommend wearing goggles when using a pulsed light epilator.

● Energy density

In the range where the wavelength is appropriate, the higher the energy density, the better the hair removal effect, but the relative pain will be more.

It should be noted that if the wavelength is short (<530nm) but the energy is high, there is a safety hazard.

● Light output area

The light-emitting area mainly determines the portability, and the larger the range, the wider the range of each shot.

A hair removal device that can be used to remove the lips will basically dispense a small head, and there will be two options in the light-emitting area of ​​the product description.

● Number of hits

The number of times of hair loss is also the service life of this hair removal device, and it is also related to the energy level. Generally, the higher the energy, the lower the number of lamp heads.

The basic 10W hair can be used for about 5 years, and 20W or more can be shared with family and friends.

The internal components of the instrument have a limited life span and do not have to blindly pursue excessive firing times.

● Extra features

Have a budget to see if there are additional features such as goggles and ice.

With this in mind, you can face the countless hair removal devices on the market and choose what you want. Don’t buy three any products.

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