The top tools for Lady’s hair removal at home

1. hair removal cream, hair removal wax

Hair removal cream is chemically depilated. Beeswax is physical  and chemical. These two longest and most traditional methods have been used since women need to remove hair.

But I personally very very strongly recommend using chemical methods for hair removal, especially under armpits.

The armpit is different from the face. Once the chemical is not washed, it is easy to remain. The second is the preservative fragrance contained in the hair removal cream.

At present, the commonly used depilatory agent on the market is potassium thioglycolate. For example, various hair removal creams of the well-known Weit Weiting are used to add some moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients. Potassium thioglycolate itself needs to function under strong alkalinity, so there is also a base such as calcium hydroxide in the hair removal cream. Although it is not toxic, the irritancy is not small.

In addition, the depilation temperature of paraffin is higher, and accidentally burns the skin.

There is also a key point, the hair removal cream may not be able to get rid of the clean, and the individual remains.

Advantages: no

Disadvantages: irritating, time-consuming and labor-intensive lazy people certainly do not like, and easily lead to skin allergies and other issues

2. ladies razor

Lady razors, like men, are also divided into electric and manual.

Electric is not as easy to use as manual.

But the biggest drawback, whether electric or manual, is that they only grow on the surface, they grow out the next day.

Advantages: time saving, no stimulation

Disadvantages: The hair is too long, it has to be scraped every day, and the lazy people don’t like it.

3. ladies plucking device

 Epilady rechargeable fourth-generation electric plucking device, this is an Israeli brand. It can be used for a few months with a single charge. I probably counted it, basically no more than 10 times a year.

The principle of the plucking device is to pull the hair out of the roots through dozens of small scorpions, which is several hundred times more efficient than taking a scorpion for a few hours, saving time and effort. When you pull it out, you need to go back and forth 2-3 times repeatedly. The pull is very clean, basically it won’t break, it’s all uprooted.

As for whether it will grow after being pulled out, depending on your hair growth rate, you usually don’t have to take it for at least 2 weeks. The hair will never become thicker, basically the same as before.

According to my personal experience, hair grows very slowly in winter and grows fast in summer.

To say that there is something wrong, that is, pulling out is much more painful than shaving, but it can be tolerated for a long time.

Advantages: time saving is simple, clean and long, very slow

Disadvantages: more painful (within tolerance)

4 .home laser hair removal instrument

I haven’t tried this yet. I just think that Mao is a natural phenomenon of human beings. If you pull it out, it will be long, but if you don’t let it grow, you will not have a problem. However, laser hair removal is used in beauty salons, etc., and I will have the opportunity to try it myself later.

It is also impossible for the laser hair removal device to permanently remove the hair. It only suppresses the growth of the hair for a long time. According to the description of the merchant, it can last for about 2 months.

Advantages: see the description is very good

Disadvantages: expensive, although it solves the problem, but several thousand dollars use 3-4 times a year

Compare several hair removal tools and personally summarize:

• Price: hair removal cream <razor <hair plucking <laser hair removal apparatus

• Safety: Hair Removal Cream <Puzzle <Razor Laser Hair Removal Instrument (unknown)

• Pain: razor <hair removal cream <laser hair removal instrument < plucking device

• Growth cycle: razor <hair removal cream < plucking <laser hair removal instrument

• Convenience: hair removal cream <razor < plucking <laser hair removal instrument

Then there are two suggestions, also a dermatologist’s advice:

• Do not share shaving tools with others and cross-contagious

• Do not use antiperspirant products immediately after shaving

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